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As I've matured, I've gotten much more adventurous. Here's how I celebrated my 75th birthday:

In 2013, my future husband, Dennis West, and I formed a production company to produce and tour with a one-woman play, O'KEEFFE! by Lucinda McDermott, directed by Ouida White. We appeared in 18 theaters. We've recently reactivated Flower and Bone Productions to produce plays with a New Mexico focus. See our website at

And then I got married! Adventures continue . . .

Carolyn Wickwire Wedding Day

Moved to New Mexico in July 2015! I've joined the Albuquerque Theatre Guild and New Mexico Women in Film. I'm represented by The O' agency. Since moving, I've been cast in 7 plays, shot a short film in Boston and a trailer for another film, and booked 3 TV series episodes, as well as several films. Life is good!

   In addition to acting, I served as co-facilitator of the Playwrights Circle, as well as Co-Producer of the newly reactivated Flower and Bone Productions.

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